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How to Play

First things first, the paperwork. To play, you have to register. To register, click on the Login tab, and then click on Sign up here! A screen will then come up where you must enter your Team Name, the Team Owner (your name), your Email address, a Username and a Password that you want to use when you log into the GNFL site to manage your team. Click Register and that's it. Once registered, you can log in and select your team drivers.

The concept of the league is that you are the team owner, and you need to select 8 drivers to run in each race. Not all drivers qualify, so you'll need to check after qualifying each week and select your team. Now, you don't have unlimited money to spend, so you'll have to choose your team based on how the drivers you can afford. You will start with $10,000,000 which should give you plenty to get 4 to 5 solid drivers, depending on who you like and how you define quality. At the end of each race, you will earn points for each driver on your team based on that driver's finish. Higher finish means more points. You will also be fined points if you had a driver is fined during the race week that the driver was on your team. The goal is to earn as many points as possible. The league tracks the leader of the first half, the second half, as well as the points leader for the entire season.

For the first race that you run in (yes you can start participating later in the season), you will pick 8 drivers for your team without going over the $10,000,000 cap. You can change the drivers until the computer locks out changes which happens when TV coverage begins.

Each week, after the drivers qualify, the qualifying order is updated in the system. You may want to use this information to change your team, however, you are not required to make any changes. If you choose to make no changes, your team from the previous week is used. If you do choose to make changes, you can drop and add up to a maximum of 8 drivers, as long as you don't spend more money than you have and you end up with 8 drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How has GNFL changed from last year?
A: From the user's point of view and how they interact with the site, very little. You still need to pick your drivers based on what you can afford. In order to make GNFL closer towards the end of the season, we've made the following changes:

  1. Structure of Driver Values: One area were we identified that could make a difference in keeping GNFL more competitive is that our driver values did not reward risk taking in their line ups. So we have made it much harder to have the top 5 or 6 drivers each week by increasing their starting cost. We believe by changing the economics this way, will result in tightening the competition and rewarding some risk taking.
  2. Chase for the Championship: We will be running a chase format this year for the overall standings. More details on this as we go.
  3. Scoring: In the past, you would earn the exact points and penalities of each driver in your team and standing for the week as well as for the sesason would be the sum of all your points for the peroid. This season, each driver earns points for his finish so that the 43rd driver will earn 1 point and the race winner will earn 43 points, second place earns 42, third earns 41, and so forth. If a driver on your team wins the race, there is a 10 point bonus, and if a driver on your team leads the most laps, a 5 point bonus is also awarded.

We hope these changes addresses the scoring bloat that seems to happen each year and keeping the results tighter.

Q: Do I have to have 8 Drivers on my team?
A: No - but no one has shown they can increase their team standing in the points by running less than 8.

Q: My team is really bad and did poorly during the Daytona 500, can I drop all of them and start over?
A: No - rules only allow a max of 3 to be dropped for any one race. Also keep in mind that some drivers are better at one kind of track verses another. So don't give up just yet, Daytona is a super speedway and your drivers may do better on shorter tracks. It pays to research your team members online.

Q: Something just isn't right with the site - who do I report problems with the website?
A: You can report problems to Stacey Abshire or Tony Schliesser

Q: When does the system prevent me from making changes before the race starts?
A: Normally we try to time it so the deadline is sometimes before the green flag, however, the amount of time between the start of the race and the start of the TV coverage isn't always the same.

Q: Who is the best driver?
A: Won't touch that one with a 10 foot pole, lets keep the religion at church.

Q: Who do I talk to about this badly written instruction page?
A: Tony